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Yes there are, but LASIK surgery remains the best option for most people. The most common LASIK alternatives are outlined below: PRK: PRK is a surface ablation procedure used for patients whose corneal shape or thickness makes LASIK an inappropriate choice.
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These networks offer members a discount on LASIK services when using an in-network QualSight provider. In addition, if you have a LASIK benefit as part of your vision benefit package and use an in-network eye care professional, you can receive an upfront allowance towards your LASIK procedure, as well as any applicable discounts.
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Farsightedness can be caused by a cornea that is flat, rather than round, and that surface can be adjusted with LASIK. In a study of the efficacy of LASIK eye surgery on different types of vision problems, researchers found that 97.4 percent of people with farsightedness had corrected vision with LASIK.
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While LASIK has an excellent safety profile, LASIK complications can occur. These include infection and night glare from starbursts or halos appearing around lights. A small percentage of people will need a LASIK enhancement, or touch" up" procedure, a few months after the primary LASIK surgery to achieve acceptable visual acuity.
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Financing makes LASIK affordable for almost anyone; here's' how to pay for your LASIK procedure. LASIK surgery: A brief guide. Boxer Wachler explains LASIK eye surgery; what to expect before, during and after the LASIK procedure; and a step-by-step slide show.
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Making Lasik Affordable. The Cost of Lasik. While Lasik isnt completely covered by most insurance plans, the good news is that with a combination of savings, incentives and 0% financing for qualified buyers, we make Lasik an affordable choice for many of our patients.
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Find Out More. LASIK PRK Studies-Get a Discount on LASIK. The Moran Eye Center is conducting studies for participants interested in LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy PRK. If you're' a patient looking for a LASIK discount, enrolling in these studies will give you a discount on LASIK PRK surgery.
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Sign up today for one of our complimentary seminars to find out whether youre a candidate for LASIK. LASIK is just one area of our expertise, and part of a comprehensive vision care program designed to preserve healthy eyesight and prevent blindness.
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The FREE LASIK Consumer Report The 9 most important you need to know about LASIK are covered in the LASIK CONSUMER REPORT. Because of its straight-talk, informative approach, the REPORT is one of the most trusted consumer publications on LASIK.

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