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Medical Laser Equipment Design and Production DEKA.
For more than 30 years DEKA has been innovating the world with medical laser systems and new therapies. Improving the work of doctors and the well-being of their patients is the commitment that our founders continue to honour, today as they did in the past.
Lasers Coherent.
Discover fiber lasers for tasks they couldn't' perform previously, especially on challenging" materials like copper, high strength steel, aluminum, and foils. Discover mature ion lasers with the largest wavelength selection including deep UV, that deliver high performance, reliability, and stability, plus ease-of-use.
Laser Markers Laser Marking Laser Coding. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube.
With marking speeds up to 2000, characters per secondwith 6mm laser head Videojet Fiber lasers are an ideal solution for demanding production schedules in the Parts-Marking, Food, Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods CPG and Pharmaceutical industries that needs a laser marking system to keep pace and provide a high-level of code contrast, exceeding your productivity expectations.
Elas - Laser solutions for science industry.
is Lithuanian designer and manufacturer of laser micromachining systems for industrial and scientific applications. Highly customized micromachining workstations incorporate nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond laser sources in combination with advanced beam steering in order to achieve micrometer scale machining precision and repeatability.
LaserFest Early History.
These include such great minds as Charles Townes at Columbia University, who developed the maser, the precursor to the laser, and Arthur Schawlow at Bell Laboratories, who along with Townes published a key theoretical paper in 1958 that helped lead to the lasers development and who jointly were awarded the first laser patent in 1960.
Physics - Nobel Prize-Lasers as Tools.
Lasers are back in the Nobel Prize limelight. This years award in physics recognizes the power of lasers to manipulate objects both spatially and temporally. Arthur Ashkin won half of the prize for his invention of optical tweezers, which allow small particles and cells to be maneuvered with light.
Lumenis: Leading Medical Equipment Innovative Laser Technologies.
Optilight by Lumenis A Bright Solution for Dry Eyes official launch event. Dry Eye Glaucoma Press Publications Topic Treatment Type Vision Resource Hub. NECO partners with Lumenis to deliver hands-on experience with advanced laser and intense pulse light IPL technologies.
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Lasers, of course, are fundamental to all self-driving car technology: Lidar is behind the systems that both Uber and Alphabet's' Waymo are developing. It's' also the technology that the two tech goliaths were fighting over in their recently-settled court case.
How Lasers Work.
This laser pulse stimulates the electrons to drop to their lower, or ground, energy states and emit a laser photon of exactly the same wavelength. An optical switch traps the low-energy laser pulse in the main amplifier for four passes through the laser glass slabs.

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